Privacy Policy of the Company

The company drafts privacy policy while keeping the laws implemented by the regulatory bodies. In addition, the company extensively consider relevant and applicable laws that discuss data usage and its collection. Our website follows the same rules. In general, when clients use our company's website, they explicitly agree to the company's privacy policy, terms, and conditions.
The company solely decides the privacy policy of the company and is entitled to alter various policy aspects without informing our customers. These policies can change without prior notice – whenever the company deems necessary. In addition, the company can not be held liable for clients not being up-to-date with the company's policies. The company strongly advises that customers and clients stay up-to-date regarding the information on the website. Furthermore, we suggest they check the vital pages that concern them regularly before buying something. This can include terms of services and other information.

Collection of Relevant Data

The company can collect relevant data to run the website and optimise it properly. This particular data may consist of the following:
(a) Banking details of clients
(b) Personal data of clients
However, the collection of identifiable data does not indicate in any way that we use it for other purposes besides completing orders. In addition to identifiable data, we are entitled to collect non-identifiable data. This includes the browser name, IP address, and operating system when logging in. Please note that we may share non-identifiable data information with third parties.
Nonetheless, we ensure that identifiable data is secure and never distributed among entities. Furthermore, we take precautionary measures to ensure this. Similarly, identifiable data information is further encrypted to achieve maximum protection levels.
It is required for the customers to submit accurate information involving names, billing addresses, delivery addresses as well as banking details, as it is an integral part of placing orders. If you enter incorrect data, it may lead to the cancellation of order(s). As a result, to ensure that your placed orders are delivered on time and at accurate locations, make sure to input the correct details.

Using the Collected Relevant Data

The company may use the collected identifiable and non-identifiable data for many reasons. However, we assure our current and future clients that the primary use of such data relies solely on optimising our client's online experience. So now, while we may use the collected data to improve several aspects of the website, we may also use it to guarantee that it is regarded as a user-friendly, efficient and accessible website.
Your personal information, such as banking details and personal data, may never be exploited. We only use that information to approve and confirm orders. Nevertheless, we may contact customers and inform them of upcoming or ongoing promotions and deals whenever deemed appropriate. Furthermore, we will not disclose any personal or identifiable data to any third party unless mandated by law to do so. We strive to offer a steady and safe platform to obtain medication online.

Using Cookies

Like other online services, our website uses tools known as cookies to improve user experience. Using cookies allows service providers directly linked with the company to identify the non-identifiable information of a user. However, it is essential to note that the company completely controls this function under all circumstances. The company can share the non-identifiable data with a third party if necessary. However, in the case of such events, the company owns the right to decide to discontinue granting authorisation of cookies to third parties if found that doing so may be in the best interest of our customers or for any other reason we deem necessary.
Our website may be associated with various third-party service providers who enable us to ensure our users have an all-around pleasurable experience when they interact or order on the website. Anyhow, as we have mentioned before, under no circumstances does the company disclose crucial personal information of our users to any third-party members. In addition, as per cookie policies, users are always in control of accepting or rejecting cookies from the website with the help of their browser settings. However, if you turn cookies off, keep in mind that it will significantly influence the general experience of the website and the ability to utilise our platform as intended.

Data Privacy and Protection

We are continuously striving to improve our services. We provide our clients with the best features on our website so that their experience remains satisfying and secure. For example, regular refinements demand essential security updates to protect personal information while providing superior customer care. In addition, the company has managed to process all payments on a trusted, secure server. Finally, to add a further protection, the website has been SSL encrypted.

Ask Us Questions

Do you still have inquiries for us? If yes, please make sure you go through the Terms and Conditions section of the company. In addition, it is recommended to check out other informative sections to check whether your question has already been answered. Finally, we have dedicated a section to FAQs to narrow the search. This may be helpful concerning your inquiries. However, if there is a chance that you still have a query, then you can get in touch with one of our representatives via the Contact US page.